The Journey

The journey was worthwhile; but rough, ragged and real…

 Dabo TV center is a brainchild of Hajiya Fatima Aminu Dabo and was established in 2009. Dabo TV center started as Dabo entertainment and productions in 2009 and became DaboTV center

in 2011. DaboTV center was established to promote media and entertainment industries, develop media contents and a whole lot of media related activities in a bid to creating job opportunities for all and sundry.

As a media training school and TV/ film production outfit, Dabo TV has worked hand-in-hand with various state governments, private and government-owned media and industries around the globe; creating and producing media contents, shaping media practitioners and promoting the film/ entertainment industry, particularly in the northern part of Nigeria. It was a dream that was meant to materialize into a Television station and after so much sweat, tears and years, Zamani TV studios came through as its newborn.

Zamani TV studios was born in February, 2018 and hit the airspace on the 1st of April, the same year. It has been on air since then and has been airing a lot of programs nonstop. Distinctly, ZamaniTV is the first indigenous television channel in Kano and Fatima Amin is the first woman CEO of a private TV station in the whole northern Nigeria, and the second in Nigeria with Mo Abudu as the first in Nigeria.

As an offshoot of Dabo TV center, Zamani TV studios operates on a 24hrs daily schedule with English and Hausa programs iteratively looping intermittently. The station started on Startimes on channels 106 and later moved to becoming a free-to-air station which is received within its operative hemisphere.

Having Hajiya Fatima Amin as the Chief Executive Officer, Zamani TV aims to conquer the world and become a prelude to Television station; airing as the number 1 urban station situated in Kano city, Nigeria, and operating as the heart monitor to all other TV stations in the north.

ZamaniTV Studios airs about 56 programs every week and aims to add more, come next quarter, in a bid to satisfy its viewers at home. Indeed, it hasn’t been easy getting this far, even though the journey has just begun, but I must say that it has been ‘A WALK TO REMEMBER’.

ZamaniTV Studios is always ready to be on a friendly threshold with other media stations and on this platform, it is inviting them to tag along because in this business; two is company.

We have a platform where people can place adverts within the acceptable scope of the Advertising Practitioners Company of Nigeria (That is APCON) and also sponsor programs like Religious programs, political programs, socio-economic programs etc; and we have all these programs running on our timeline at present. We have an advert placement and program sponsorship rate we work with and this is done in accordance to the finacial capacity of the good people of Kano, Arewa and Nigeria at large.

It is important to note that ZamaniTV has been benevolent in this art because it has been gracing different occasions for coverage; and not just that, it also shoulders the editing and airing responsibilities. All these are done on a no-charges bargain.

Finally, ZamaniTV is inviting all and sundry who wishes to partner with it in any kind of legitimate business. Our door is always open to all because we believe in teamwork.

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